Saturday, February 21, 2015

diakonos - Make Me a Servant

ˈsərvənt/ - a devoted or helpful follower or supporter

What is a servant? In the most basic sense, a servant is one who serves. Usually, in this day and age, we think of servants as those who serve in someone else's home. In Christian speak, the term servant has weight. A pastor is a servant to his congregation. A volunteer is a servant, a missionary, a worship leader, a youth director. Servant, within the Christian community, is synonymous with leader. It's a public position, not a private - within the home- position. If you want to be great, you must be the servant of all, and everyone must KNOW that you are their servant, so that greatness can ensue. Being a servant isn't simply a state of being. It is action, and acknowledgement and reward. If people don't know that you're a servant, then you aren't really a servant. This is the world in which we live in American Christianity. 

Once, my husband was accused of not having a servant's heart by someone whom we held in high regard. It not only came as a shock to both my husband and I, but it truly broke his heart to hear that. And, it felt wrong. Wrong because my husband is always serving. Wrong because it felt like an unfair judgement call by someone who truly doesn't know him. Wrong because a servant is exactly who my husband is and who he desires to be. Not a servant of a particular church. Not a servant of the masses. Not someone built up and lifted up and applauded for how much he DOES. Because serving is not what he does, but who he IS; and, more importantly, who we should strive to be. 

We are all called to be servants, servants of Christ. Note the definition that started this post. A servant is a devoted or helpful follower or supporter. Are you a servant of Christ? It's not about being lauded for accomplishments. If you're a really great servant, rarely does anyone even notice you. But it's about being helpful to God's kingdom. Lifting our leaders up in prayer. Encouraging the single mom. Bringing the new believer under your wing and quietly mentoring them. Being an example of good stewardship regardless of your financial means. Being a listening ear even when wisdom isn't required or requested. Being a servant of Christ means that sometimes you will go for years and years without being noticed, or acknowledged. Sometimes, sometimes it also means that someone will even accuse you of not serving. Maybe that just means you are serving God's kingdom so well that only HE is getting the glory. May I be that kind of servant. The kind who desires no fame, no glory, no honors, no rewards. The kind who is always first and foremost bringing glory to God as a devoted follower.

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