Friday, January 1, 2016


Last year, my #oneword365 was #disciple I felt that God was calling me into a deeper discipleship with Him, as well as encouraging me to look at parenting as discipleship and really disciple my children, especially my teens. This coming year of 2016 the whisper in the wind has been that this will be a year of  #jubilee. From our pastor Mark, to the pope himself, this word is on the hearts and minds of many in the church. When praying about my one word, my personal word for 2016, God also led me to the word jubilee.
 In Jewish history, the year of jubilee was a year of restoration and emancipation. In the Catholic Church, it is about unmerited grace and mercy. For me, it is about all of this. It is about resting in the sabbath of God's provision while diligently working in His fields for His glory. See, in Leviticus, the land was not allowed to be sold and in the year of jubilee it was restored to it's owner, because God told the Israelites that the land was not theirs "because the land is MINE and you are my aliens, my tenants." This land, for me, is not where I live; it is the land that God has planted me in, the harvest He is asking me to reap, the soil He is asking me to till. It is where I am working, serving, and living in my "as you go" moments. Jubilee is about resting in the fact that as I am working His land, he is about redemption and restoration. I don't need to worry about where I will live, or where we will serve as God moves my husband and our family into ministry, God will place us directly where we are needed to further His purposes and His kingdom. I can enjoy a year of #jubilee because God is a God of restoration, freedom, deliverance, grace and mercy. Because God is sovereign, I am FREE.


  1. Wow! Amazing insight, Kat, and even more, a very timely word. Looking forward to seeing more from you.

  2. Thank you! I'm praying that God gives me more freedom and time to write this year. It's something that I love doing, but often don't have the time to do.