Thursday, January 14, 2016

More Lessons from Job

So, apparently it seems that we're going to have a mini-series in Job. In my journaling time today God showed me some more wisdom for daily life in the life of our hero Job. Chapter 3 is basically Job lamenting his birth. He is in so much pain, and his trouble seems to be too much for him to bear. So much so that he is wishing that he'd never been born. He sees nothing of the good things that have happened in his life prior to this time, or the people he's touched or the lives that he's changed. He is only immersed in the pain of right now and that pain and struggle seems so severe that life for all would be better if Job had never been born.
Job's three friends hear his lament, and first to speak up is his friend Eliphaz. Eliphaz reminds him of the good things that he's done, the people that he's helped throughout his life.

"Behold, you have instructed many,
and you have strengthened the
weak hands.
Your words have upheld him who was
and you have made firm the feeble
                               - Job 4:3-4

Sometimes we are so deep in our own pain and daily struggles that we don't remember our purpose and the testimony that our lives give to others. Remember, "Man's chief end is to glorify God." Our daily lives can bring glory to God in many ways. Sometimes we need our own Eliphaz to stick his nose into our pain and remind us that we are in the business of doing God's work. That there are people whom we've encouraged, blessed, instructed, and strengthened by our presence and through our lives. That their lives were changed through our obedience. Job was so caught up in his pain, he forgot every time he brought instruction, strength and encouragement to those around him. He forgot about the lives he touched during the good times. And he forgot that even now, his pain could touch others, teach others, and encourage others. That he could strengthen weak hands through his life and by his obedience. He probably didn't even know all of the people and lives that he touched through the righteous life that he led. So many people learn about our lives and take those lessons with them into their own lives through observation. Often they don't even tell you how much you've influenced them, whether for the better or worse. 
Eliphaz reminded Job of the lives that he touched, and maybe even gave insight to the fact that he and his friends were even now observing Job and how he handled this, his greatest struggle, as an example for themselves.
Ask the Lord today to show you ways that your life has had purpose in building up God's kingdom and encouraging and instructing His people. Remember that how you handle the tough times can be a testimony to others about God's goodness and sovereignty. 
We can bring glory to God in every circumstance, and our lives always matter to God.

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